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Taking care of your liver with LiverActive

The liver is the biggest organ of our body, and probably the one that works the most. The liver has a weight of about 1.4 kg and plays a fundamental role on the digestive process. The liver is located on the upper right area of the abdominal cavity, right below the diaphragm and above the stomach, the right kidney and intestines. The liver has a conic shape and has a dark reddish brown coloration. The blood that is carried to the liver comes from two different sources: oxygenated blood arrives to the liver through the hepatic artery, and the blood rich in nutrients comes through the hepatic portal vein.

The liver receives permanently around a thirteen percent of the total amount of blood of the organism. The liver has two important lobules which are formed by thousands of small lobules. The liver has a capacity of self-regeneration.


It is responsible for many functions including the cleansing of toxins, along with the endocrine system it stores and releases sugar on blood depending on the needs of the organism; it also stores the fat of the ingested foods. The liver also assembles the lipoproteins which are in charge of transporting the cholesterol and other lipids which are required by the organism. The liver excretes a product known with the name of bile which helps to remove the disposal products of the liver. All the blood that comes out from the stomach and intestines passes through the liver. The liver then processes this blood and decomposes the nutrients and drugs in more usable forms. There have been identified around five hundred important functions related to the liver.

Another function of the liver is to produce cholesterol to employ it on the production of bile salts. The liver also stores important nutrients such as A vitamin, B12 vitamin, D vitamin and iron. The liver is in charge of producing the proteins of the blood plasma. The liver is also in charge of transforming the toxic ammonia in urea which is less toxic and can be disposed through the urine.

But one of the most important functions of the liver is to remove impurities from blood and to control the levels of sugar. When the liver degrades noxious substances, the sub-products are excreted to the bile or to the blood. The bile sub-products enter on the intestine and finally they are dispatched from the organism on the feces. The sub-products found on blood are filtered by kidneys and removed from the body on the urine. Liver cleansing provides a wide variety of benefits, for instance it is useful to promote a better absorption of nutrients, which helps to regulate many processes in the organism, for instance a liver cleansing will help to fight insomnia by regulating sleep cycles, and it also helps to improve mental processes. LiverActive promotes the proper performance of the liver through a natural and effective internal cleansing; this product is formulated only with the best natural ingredients for that purpose.

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